Monday, November 08, 2004

Walter is right on a couple of levels in his critique of my previous post. At the most fundamental level my offhand comment on the PCA/PC(USA) was too flip and too void of chairty. As a Christian, to violate "In all things charity," is pretty fundamental and I apologize. However, charitably, the point I was trying to make was that in striving for organization purity it is easy to shoot one's self in the foot by totally elimiating the Opposition Party. I know that the PCA does great things, and has great people in it.

I certainly do not overlook the absolute craziness that is going on in the PC(USA). I even wonder how long it will be able to survive. Shoot, they've got folks who spend time worshipping the Goddess Sophia. This is very difficult to distinguish from out and out heresy. (See? I'm being charitable!) Because of this they really are forced to talk about "Who is God and how do we know?"

On another note, it was clearly not a good example in that it distracted at least one reader from the otherwise brilliant and incisive point I was making in the post. I am interested in what Walter (and others) think about that point, my lousy external example notwithstanding. :-)

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