Monday, November 01, 2004

or, Why I Will Vote For GW Tomorrow

I just finished researching the extremely long ballot for Mecklenburg County elections, and am looking forward to voting tomorrow. While in the mood, I thought I'd mention a few things on why I'm going with GW tomorrow (in order of importance).

War: I think GW has taken the right tack in the fight against Terrorists. Afganistan was the right choice immediately following 9/11. Iraq was a good choice among several good choices, and a good place to continue the fight. Firmly establishing democracy in both countries will go a long way towards ensuring our peace. GW has the courage and stick-withit-ness to see this through.

Supreme Court: GW will appoint judges that tend more towards a Strict Constructionist view of the Constitution. In other words, he will appoint judges who understand that their job is to rule according to the law, not to make new laws (or find "new rights").

Culture of Life: pro-life, anti-euthanasia, pro-stem cell research, but not embryonic stem cells. I want to live in a country that has a culture of Life. (As opposed to a Culture of Death, as noted by J.P.II.)


Economy: Presidents don't control the economy. And if you're counting, GW inherited the recession from Clinton. But seriously, I'm not counting. The free market juggernaut of the US will continue regardless of who is president.

"Outsourcing": the US is no longer a manufacturing based economy. No amount of crying will change that. No amount of tarrifs will, either.

"Unilateralism": By this, critics mean "without France, Germany & Russia." I really couldn't give a rip about what France, Germany & Russia think about us. On a related note, the UN is broken and corrupt. It does a mediocre job of pointing out problems in the world. It does a lousy job of doing anything about it because it is made up of the very leaders who are creating the problems. It would be nice to have the admiration of the UN and France, Germany & Russia on our Foreign Polcy but that's it, just nice.

WMDs: Both Bush & Kerry thought they were there pre-invasion. We haven't found any yet. So? We thought they had them, and we acted appropriately with that belief. Attacking Saddam was the appropriate thing to do. Deposing Saddam and working hard to create a democracy are worthy things in and of themselves.

"Quagmire": Rebuilding Iraq is hard. Deal with it. It took a long time and a Civil War for our Democratic Republic to be established. Why all the handwringing over the fact that were not done in a year?

Flame away! :-)

Edited on 11.2.04 to "set an example" and apply pope link.

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