Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Charlotte Simmons redux. In a recent email, my friend Tom offered the following thoughts on Tom Wolfe's latest:

"I read Charlotte Simmons on the planeride from Atl to CA (most of it, at any rate). I have to say it completely rocked my world. I felt like Wolfe captured every farce at Davidson and more. In fact, I'd say that his reporting on modern day higher education was so spot on, it really leaves no room for anything else to be said. Were it not for the Christian community (and for me, the no-bs philosophy dept.) at Davidson, college would have been just as vapid and hopeless for all of us, methinks.

"The parallels are absolutely astounding as I'm sure you'd agree. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at every mention of the Libertas, I mean Millenial Mutants crowd and the KA clowns, err Hoyte and his lackeys, watching Sportscenter. Everything from 'f#$^ patois' to sexiling was accurately depicted and treated with the proper contempt instead of the wild-eyed shock you might expect from your own parents. Speaking of which, I forbade my parents to read it lest they completely lose all hope in America.

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