Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More on Civilians Protecting Themselves. This link to WSVN Channel 7's webpage describes what happened at an Opa-Locka apartment house the other night. I saw the video account of this incident on Channel 7's ten o'clock news on Sunday (yes, I was up that late). Note how the man who was attacking the elderly people was stopped. He was shot by Mr. Castro.

Where did Mr. Castro get the gun?

According to the news story on TV, Hernandez, the bad guy, broke into the Castros' apartment, after beating up an elderly woman downstairs, and started beating Mrs. Castro, another elderly woman. Mr. Castro, her husband and an elderly man, tried to pull the much younger Hernandez off his wife, to no avail. So he went back to their bedroom and got a revolver. He shot Hernandez four times before Hernandez finally got off of Mrs. Castro and left the apartment.

Hernandez was airlifted to Jackson's trauma center and is expected to recover.

Hernandez had already shown the sort of insane violence that led to the attacks that night. About 10 days before, he had gone on a rampage and was sent to the psycho ward at Jackson Memorial Hospital under the Baker Act. But they had to let him go after 72 hours. He went back to the apartment house. So much for the police being able to protect us. Good thing Mr. Castro had a gun.

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