Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blueprint vs. Warfare Theology. Just saw a program on the PAX network that featured a debate between a Southern Baptist seminary professor and Gregory Boyd, a minister at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, over the question of God's sovereignty. Boyd, who has written a book entitled Is God to Blame published by IVP, believes that the future is partially open and that men and angels have a sort of free will that can change the future. As I understand what little I heard, God has a contingency plan for every possibility so that, in the end, he will achieve what he wants. But there are infinite "meanwhiles" that are affected by our prayers and decisions. I must say that I found what he said to be intelligent and attractive. The seminary professor was overmatched.

Update. Tom's comment prompts me to find the link to this article from CT. To read more articles on this theological issue, go to the CT website and search under "Pinnock" and/or "Sanders".

The PAX program to which I refer is Faith under Fire, hosted by Lee Strobel of "The Case for . . . " series of books.

And how about IVP publshing into this issue?! That takes courage.

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