Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stacks: a retrospective

My stacks of CDs have been growing for years now, though I haven't cared to document their precise composition until recently. Each new CD introduced to a stack should not be considered in isolation from the CDs below it. How much is the new, irresistable CD determined by its predecessors and how much by all of the outside, social influences? I cannot say.

Toward a better knowledge of myself and my collection's/society's influence on me, I've put together a list of some of those albums that affected me a great deal.

(Note: I did not purchase all of these albums, and those that I did purchase, not necessarily did I purchase them in the same year their influence came to bear on me.)


Petra - On Fire
Petra - This Means War
Skid Row - S/T
Bon Jovi - New Jersey
Warrant - Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking Rich

"listen to this!" Macon so introduced distortion into my life in 1989. Our paths diverged in '89, also. I never was a fan of White Lion.


Deliverance - Weapons of our Warfare
Cinderella - Long Cold Winter
Living Colour - Vivid
Faith No More - The Real Thing
Petra - Beyond Belief

Thanks to Darren Lee via Macon for the Deliverance tip.


Queensryche - Empire
Holy Soldier - S/T


Sacrament - Testimony of the Apocalypse
The Lead - Burn This Record
Megadeth - Rust In Peace

Thanks to Darryl Nelson for the Megadeth hookup on the bus to Night of Joy.


Bride - Kinetic Faith
Bride - Snakes in the Playground
Deliverance - Stay of Execution
Mortal - Fathom
The Crucified - Pillars of Humanity


Circle of Dust - S/T
Tourniquet - Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
Focused - Bow
The Crucified - S/T
Veni Domine - Fall Babylon Fall
P.O.D. - Snuff the Punk
Mortal - Wake
Precious Death - Southpaw
Randy Rose - Healing
Dakoda Motor Co. - Into The Son


The Prayer Chain - Mercury
Circle of Dust - S/T
Circle of Dust - Brainchild
Strongarm - Atonement
Six Feet Deep - Struggle
Crashdog - Cashists, Fascists, and other Fungus
Havalina Rail Co. - S/T
Luxury - Amazing and Thank you
Poor Old Lu - Sin
Stavesacre - Demo


Focused - The Hope That Lies Within
Unashamed - Reflection
Bloodshed - S/T
The Blamed - Frail
P.O.D. - Brown
Strife - One Truth
Stavesacre - Friction
Orange 9mm - Driver Not Included
Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary

Mary purchased the S/T Havalina tape for me back in '95 after I sat through 3 hours of unairconditioned exhibition of DCPS's finer middle school science projects; her project came up somewhere around hour 2.5, I think. My folks had fled town and left the duty to me.

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