Sunday, April 10, 2005

Latino and proud.
When I was home in Miami several weeks ago, and was out driving the bullet, I discovered that the face of Miami's airwaves had changed significantly since my last visit at Christmas. The third or fourth pre-set station, somewhere behind WMCU, NPR, and maybe Y-100, had always been Zeta--Miami's Rock station. That has all changed. Now, 94.9 is Mega Miami--Miami's voice for Latin hip-hop and reggaeton. Perhaps you can envision what is Latin hip-hop: just take the latest hip-hop hits, anything from Ludacris to Jay-z, and then mix it with some samples of latin beats. I can't explain reggaeton quite as well, so I recommend that everyone just start listening; For those of us who are currently displaced and living outside of Miami, this is our chance to get up on the latest, greatest beats before the reggaeton craze sweeps the nation and the world and all the rock and roll stations get switched. You heard it here first.

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