Sunday, April 10, 2005

Stacks Mix

I'm working on my mix for those who identified cds in the stacks I posted a couple of weeks ago. (i.e. mary and sean)

Right now, in no particular order, I've got

"Lost Ones" - Lauryn Hill
"Underneath" - Starflyer 59
"Zero" - Smashing Pumpkins
"Rocky Racoon" - The Beatles
"Blinded" - Focused
"Violence of Love" - Crashdog
"Waiting Room" - Poor Old Lu
"Which Side Are You On" - Dropkick Murphys
"The Needle Lies" - Queensryche
"The Rookie Year" - Brandtson
"Struggleville" - V.O.L.
"Get On" - Third Day
"Vial" - Mortal
"Everything Goes To Hell" - Tom Waits
"Another Morning Stoner" - ...Trail of Dead
"Po' Boy" - Bob Dylan
"Heaven Sent" - Cush
"Bendy Line" - The Prayer Chain
"The Ballad of The Blamed" - The Blamed

I'll send a copy to whoever might want one. Let me know.

The organizing principle here is one song per cd. A band may only appear once. (some bands, though identified correctly, failed to pass muster with me this Sunday afternoon) First priority given to those cds correctly identified, 2nd priority given to those that should have been identified, 3rd given to those that would have been identified had I posted a higher-res photo.

I've published the final order above. In honor of Tom's stellar performance tonight, I've included The Ballad of The Blamed as the closing track. Unfortunately, I needed room and removed Bill Mallonee's "High...and Lonesome". My thinking is that Bill is already representing on the VOL track, and if you really want that track, then you should support him and buy his new album. Not to mention that Greg Minier plays my all time favorite guitar solo on TBOTB.


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