Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Is My Face Red

I've been drinking my Bright Eyes hatorade for a little while now.

While I was unfamilar with the Bright Eyes music, I was comfortable that I had a good grasp of my contempt for it.

Unfortunately, iTunes network sharing has proven to be my downfall.

While I'm hoping that my co-workers are listening to my All Things Bright and Beautiful (actually, Jef bought it, but who's keeping score?), I've been lurking on John's computer and trying to figure out what all the Bright Eyes hype is about.

So it's playing in the background on my headphones and I realize that I'm really liking it. Especially "The Center of The World" on Fevers and Mirrors. It reminds me of Bloodshed...but is much better.

How embarassing.

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