Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lousy Nita-ism.

"He moves like dead lice is [sic] falling off of him!"

This refers to someone who is moving very slowly, getting in the way, and has no idea that he is inconveniencing the rest of the world, especially my mother.

I do not know what falling dead lice have to do with someone moving slowly and obliviously. Sorry. I'll ask her sometime.


John I said...

My mother (born in bonnie blue, ky in the 20's used this expression in exactly this way.

Paul Stokes said...

My mother was born in Atlanta. Same Scots-Irish stock, no doubt. There are other Nita-isms on the blog. Her name was Juanita. (So the nickname Nita.) She passed away almost one year ago. She was terrific.

Paul Stokes said...

And thanks for the comment, John.