Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Onto the books...

Sean didn't tag me, but here it is anyway.

Number of books I own: It's a big number.

Last book(s) I bought: Middlemarch, by George Eliot, A Guide to NC's Hiking Trails

Latest books I'm reading: (there are a few...) Celebration of Discipline, by R. Foster; With Christ in the School of Prayer, by A. Murray; Middlemarch, by Eliot; Marathon, by J. Galloway (currently on hold pending leg injury); and Acts.

Five books that mean a lot to me, as of 1:10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14 (no particular order):
1. War and Peace
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. The Bible
4. LotR
5. Flannery O'Connor's Complete Collection of Short Stories


Nine books that might make the top five at a different time, place, mood:
Anna Karenina; Daniel Deronda, by G. Eliot; A Tale of Two Cities; The Idiot, by Dostoevsky; All the King's Men, by Warren; Moby Dick; Emma; A Room with a View (by Forster, not Forrester); and The Moviegoer.

Five books to be read this summer:
Middlemarch; Brothers K; something by Solzynetsin (to see what the fuss is about and to learn how to spell his name); the new Harry Potter; The Scarlett Letter (I have to teach it in the fall; I didn't like it in 1997).

Now on to the rest of you...

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