Monday, June 13, 2005

My Answers to Sean's Movie Quiz

1. Total Number of Films I own on Video/DVD:
34 -- Does "Strife: One Truth Live Tour '95" count? I'm counting it.

2. Last film I bought: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

3. The last film I watched: I wish I could say Battlestar Gallactica, but we rented In Good Company last night.

4. Five films that I watch alot or mean alot to me:
1) Spinal Tap
2) Bottle Rocket
3) The Godfather II
4) The Music Man
5) Raising Arizona
97) Highlander 4
(incidentally, these and more are all my favorite movie)

5. Tag five people? I don't know...I'd hate to impose. Tom has the strength of 5 men. And Mark...could his taste in movies be as good as his taste in music? I know that my parents would echo my choices; they might just be redundant. Scott, Mary, Kellsey, Macon? whatever.

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