Monday, March 20, 2006

Night Stand
What texts are moving through the MLS queue.

Recently exiting:
The First World War, John Keegan. Excellent & Educational. I'm looking forward to reading his books on WWII.
Ghost Bridades, John Scalzi. A kind of sequal to Old Man's War, but you needn't have read the latter to enjoy the former. A quick read, but very fun.
Moneyball, Michael Lewis. Recommended by many, but put in my hands last week by Joel Bush. I can see what the fuss was about: a great & heretical view of the business of baseball. I never want to be in that business, but it was very interesting to read about. Many non-baseball insights in that book.

Now entering:
An Army Of Davids, Glenn Reynolds. Indeed.
The Denial of Death, Ernest Becker. Recommended by Jef Sewell. He said, "I recommend this book to everyone, but nobody ever reads it." How could I not read it with a challenge like that?
The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn. A birthday gift from Walter & Morgan. The kind of birthday gift that says, "Here's a little two year project for you."

Running in queue:
Getting Things Done, David Allen
Ready For Anything, David Allen
Concerning The Inner Life, Evelyn Underhill.

Stalled in queue:
Essential McLuhan, Marshall McLuhan, Eric McLuhan. I think I would have been better off reading one of Marshall's actual books to begin with, rather than an anthology. But I will finish this and move to one of those.
One Dimensional Man, Herbert Marcuse. Recommended by a neighbor, but I have trouble staying engaged with Marxist rhetoric. Slow going. I much prefer Capitalist rhetoric.

What's going through your reading queues?

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