Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Return of Patriarchy

This is the title of an article by Philip Longman in Foreign Policy. This was linked today in Instapundit. Here is the introduction to the article:
Across the globe, people are choosing to have fewer children or none at all. Governments are desperate to halt the trend, but their influence seems to stop at the bedroom door. Are some societies destined to become extinct? Hardly. It’s more likely that conservatives will inherit the Earth. Like it or not, a growing proportion of the next generation will be born into families who believe that father knows best.

One of the observations he makes is that fertility rates are 12% higher in the states that voted for Bush in 2004 than in the states that voted for Kerry. His thesis has some interesting implications for the world and for the U.S. James Taranto has written often of a somewhat related phenomenon he calls The Roe Effect. I think this article is worth reading.

(This post is by Carol. I think it will say it's by Paul.)

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