Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This morning, Aidan and I ran into Doc Searls at our Starbucks. Clearly a man of good taste, he discovered the seat with the best view of the sunrise. I hope the Sbux staff cleaned it from yesterday morning, otherwise I'm afraid the "lens flare" error he got on his camera might have been caused by "Aidan Drool" left over from Aidan smearing his face across that window as per usual.

I saw Doc yesterday in this panel at SXSWi. As I told him this morning, I really enjoyed that panel. It's just so fun to hear the continued conversation around the idea that "markets are conversations." (I like to think that what we're doing with The Company is a small part of that.) It seems to me that what they were talking about in the above panel is part of the 21st century continuation of the Great Conversation. Which, as Kith&Kinners know, makes it intrinsically interesting.

On a side note, I haven't posted about Aidan & I at Sbux lately, but I have been thinking about it. Seeing Doc there triggered it again. Sbux is definitely not Keep Austin Weird (tm). When we first moved here, that was almost enough to keep us from going. But wanting to stroller to coffee won out over wanting to be cool, so Sbux it was. And we have found that the staff there are delightful and the other regulars are just as interesting as most everyone else we meet in Austin. Some mornings I think, "Maybe we should go to Jo's Coffee today." But that would mean missing out on seeing our friends at Sbux!

So we come back every morning and drool on the window. Sorry Doc!

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