Friday, March 17, 2006

Surprise Ice
I'm cleaning up the kitchen after Kellsey & I had a neighbor over for a delightful dinner. There's all kinds of commotion in Austin, between SXSW & a March Madness with UT at the dance. But I'm taking my time washing dishes, sipping my left-over wine from dinner, and listening to the Kings of Convenience's latest album, Riot On An Empty Street, play on the stereo.

Kells & I both highly recommend the album. They're a kind of a 21st Century Simon & Garfunkel. (In fact, they explictly state that they love S&G and model themselves after them.)

What struck me tonight was their lyric in "Suprise Ice":

Love comes like surprise ice on the water.

Lots of falling-in-love imagery stress the suddeness of it, but don't take into account other aspects of falling in love. This lyric feels like a better metaphor to me because love often happens in a context conducive to love. But just because you have a conducive environment, doesn't necessitate falling in love.

So you have a cold cold day, but no ice. And it stays cold. No ice. Then, suddenly one morning there's ice on the water. It isn't that you can't look back and see the set-up for it, but you never can predict when the gestalt moment will happen.

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