Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bernard Meltzer. I attended the University of Chicago Law School during a sort of golden age that arose from its distinguished faculty. My labor law professor was Bernie Meltzer who died recently. His NYT obit is here.

About 10 years ago, Bernie called me to ask me to help some kin of his here in Miami. And then he helped me with them. Back and forth went the drafts from here to Bernie's office, still at the UC Law School, where he was professor emeritus. He went over them carefully, and asked great questions and made a number of suggestions. I was suddenly back at law school, and he was, in his kindly way, giving me what-for. But we produced together some great documents, and he was very happy with my work. I felt so good.

Later, the local kin moved to California, and Bernie found a lawyer out there to help redraft the documents under CA law. That lawyer couldn't stand Bernie's heat and quit! I must confess that I felt even better.

How God blessed me through that law school, through Bernie and the rest of the faculty.

(By the way, Richard Posner was on the faculty - and still is. But I took none of his classes. My loss.)

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