Sunday, February 25, 2007



Paul Stokes said...

Young Aidan is patient and courageous fellow.

Anonymous said...

Is it warmer than it looks out there, or are you guys just too tough to need gloves?

Sean Meade said...

Bethy wants to know why the music stopped all of a sudden? ;-)

how in the world did you pick that song?! i think about it all the time! used to listen to it on my parents' 8-track! :-)

Macon said...

C: both!

S: it wasn't the first one I chose, but the first one I'd bought especially from iTunes for the show.

But when I exported the show for uploading, I got a notice that the song, due to DRM, wouldn't play on "unauthorized" machines! grrrrrrr!

So I picked a song very quickly, almost at random, from the songs on my hard drive.

J.Cash was an easy pick.

Glad you liked it! :-)