Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hello from Austin. I flew into Austin early this afternoon to visit Macon and Kellsey, Walter and Morgan, and the grandchildren, Aidan and Honor. Honor is the newest and is wondrously small to hold. Carol was already here, having come on Wednesday.

Tomorrow Walter is ordained as a deacon at the Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church. Not only will we all be there, but Morgan's parents will attend too. It will be a happy time.

It's cold here in Austin. We went to the park with Matt and Anna, Macon and Kellsey's friends from the neighborhood and their little boy Webb. I froze. But it was fun. Aidan was constantly in motion, and actually got hot and dumped his knit cap.

Tomorrow is the SuperBowl of course. Macon and Walter are rooting for the Colts, Carol, Kellsey and I are pulling for the Bears. Not that I don't like Peyton Manning and the Colts. I just like the Bears for this game. I think they will win. Usually I watch football by myself. (I've been looking for that underground guys retreat featured in the Bud commercials, but haven't found it.) I'll enjoy watching it with a bunch of people.


Anonymous said...

Lois Lane here - no it's Judy Karpis of River Cities Gazette fame! No post about the social event of the season Paul? The All Angels Silver Ball ! Just happened to have "snapped" a foto of you and the lovely wife Carol at the ball. I am still enjoying all of my wonderful auction items. Did you "win" anything? Great to see you guys and it is amazing that you are a "blogger"! One never knows about a person until they reads about them on the internet, do they?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Judy. I will do a post on "the ball". It was fun to see your there!