Friday, June 06, 2008

Facebook Follies

You know how Facebook puts ads on the left side of your profile?

Today's ad on my profile is for a device that one sits in to be carried up a stair-case. It shows a nice, elderly gray-haired lady sitting in such a thing at the bottom of the stairs, getting ready for the lift.

Thanks, Facebook.


Macon said...

That's interesting. Today for the first time I noticed those ads, too. Mine, however, had a picture of a blonde cheerleader and was, ostensibly, for a site showing the "Top High School Cheerleaders."


Thanks, Facebook!

Paul Stokes said...

Don't you think that there is some sort of algorithm that matches one's Facebook "profile" with the advertiser? That's what I was thinking when I saw that stair-elevator ad. (I use "algorithm" to show that I may know what I am talking about. Which, of course, is false.) So I figured that there was a connection between, say, the "grandpa with grandson" photo and people who sell products to aging Boomers. But what is it in your profile that gets you the cheerleader ad? :)