Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Think I'll Take the Bus

Unless I'm flying El-Al.

From an article on airline security worth reading:

Fourteen years later [after Israel's Lod Airport massacre], the case of Anne Marie Murphy — prevented by Israeli security agents from boarding an El Al flight with seven pounds of explosives — makes the point. The pregnant, fair-skinned Murphy, who is Irish, was profiled and deemed suspicious. During secondary screening, agents discovered Semtex concealed in the lining of her bag. Without knowing it, the former chambermaid had been given a bomb by her terrorist boyfriend, a Jordanian named Nizar Hindawi, who was not on the flight. Hindawi was the father of Murphy’s unborn child.

The author indicates that Homeland Security may actually adopt some of the measures employed by Israeli security to keep airline passengers safe. Why do I think that whether they do will depend on the outcome of the Presidential election?

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