Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Amazingness of Pottery Barn's Everydaysuede Slipcovers!

We have now had three major incidents with our PB Grand sofa. The first incident involved Aidan's recently cut leg and blood smeared across two cushions. The second incident involved Aidan, Macon, a large stack of books serving as a table for Macon's coffee mug and the toppling of said very full coffee mug across several cushions and down inbetween the cushions into the main slipcover portion. The third incident occurred today and involved Honor, a red (non-washable) marker and her zealous joy of drawing (and three cushions on our couch).

I cannot say enough about how much I have loved this couch and the ease with which all kinds of things just wash out when you throw the slipcover in the wash. I do not have photos of the first two incidents, but I decided to photograph the red marker slipcovers (or some of them) in faith that it would wash out and I would be able to show before and after shots.

My faith was well rewarded as I pulled the slipcovers from the wash without even a hint of any red marker on them! And did I mention that I have not ever had to even use any soap (not with the blood, coffee or red marker). All I have ever done is run a cold wash without soap and the blood, sugary coffee, and red marker all emerged completely rinsed out. A-mazing!

Three cheers for Pottery Barn's Everydaysuede!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is totally amazing! I've never heard of anything like that.