Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Books

These titles from the August issue of Scientific American:

A Briefer History of Time
, by Stephen Hawking with Leonard Miodinow. We are told that this is a light version of Hawking's 1998 book of a similar name. I must say that I had trouble understanding the earlier book. Maybe I'll do better with this one.

Jacob's Legacy: A Genetic View of Jewish History
, by David B. Goldstein. Sounds like a perfect book for those interested in Jews, Genealogy and/or Genes. Or Africa. "Is an obscure South African Bantu group one of the lost tribes?" the reviewer asks.

Short review of these and other books in the review column of the magazine (scroll down).


Sean Meade said...

the Illustrated Brief History of Time was much easier to read. the pictures helped, not least of all to break up the dense text.

Paul Stokes said...

Thanks, Sean!