Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Firefly on Hulu

I'm sure I'm way late on learning about hulu.com and about "Firefly". It started with a post on Instapundit about a pilot/tv series called Firefly, which post was updated with a reference to hulu.com.

Amazing. Amazing website. Amazing series.


Kellsey said...

Have you watched it all yet? have you watched the feature film "Serenity" that came from it?

very good. All very good.

Jana said...

What?? YES!!!! I have been watching Firefly on Hulu, also! seriously!


And Kellsey, I had a feeling you had seen it. :)

Paul Stokes said...

Hulu.com has the various shows set up in Seasons as the major category and Episodes as the subcategory. I have watched from Season 1 the first Episode, which has the title "Serenity". It has the length of a feature film, and so it must be what you are referring to, Kellsey. It started out with the battle scene and then moved to "6 years later"; it introduces all the characters and ends with the shootout with Paradise (is that the old lady's name?). Last night I watched Episode 2, which is about the train robbery. These are really good! Glad to know that you and Jana have been hooked too! I have some comments to make about the characters and stories, so there you both will be to let me know your views. That's good! An allied development in the tech level at our house is that our new HDTV has a place to hook up the PC, so I can watch this on the big screen (or bigger screen, I should say).

Sean Meade said...

nope, but i was confused by that, too, Paul. the original pilot was a two episodes and called Serenity. there's also a feature film called Serenity that takes place after Firefly. clear?

it's great! glad you're enjoying it!

Paul Stokes said...

Thanks, Sean. In the first episode, the Captain told the young doctor that the engineer/female he was treating for a gunshot wound had died, but she had not. The crew thought that was a big joke. I found that pretty awful and jarring. Definitely some character formation problems among these young people. But still interesting. I don't much like what the writers are doing with the clergyman, he is so stereotypical. But he's so well played that you have to like him.