Monday, August 25, 2008

Coolest Invention at BRU

So, I was recently at Babies R Us when I realized that I needed to change my daughter's very, and I mean VERY dirty diaper. I had been about to check out when I discovered this, but decided that it would be best to take advantage of the nice "mother's room" with changing table at the back of the store. So, we get back there and I get all set up. In the middle of changing her diaper, I discover that my son is sort of dancing around the room in a strange fashion. Almost at the same moment that I noticed this, he blurts out, "Mommy, I really have to go poo-poo....right now!" My left hand holding my daughter by the ankles, and my right hand holding a quite nasty wipe, I lower my head, give a little laugh and then say, "right now? or can you hold it a little bit?"

Of course, we needed to go NOW. I quickly finish changing the diaper, throw the wipes in the trash, place my dirty dipe in a wet bag, stuff this in my diaper bag and run out the door with my daughter over my left shoulder and my son holding onto my right hand. Thankfully, the ladies' room was right next door. Even more fortunately, the people at BRU have installed the "safe sitter". AWESOME!!! are these people aware that moms will be bursting into the bathroom with one kid who is great at using the bathroom but not so great at cleaning up by himself and another kid who is under the age of two (read: at the age where she will not stand still away from the potty while Mommy wipes brother, but must instead be a close observer who wants to touch all things dirty")? They must be! The safe sitter is a seat mounted to the wall with a fold-down seat and straps that buckle the child in. I was actually able to just buckle her in and then attend to my son without having to worry about her constantly attempting to touch everything. What a relief!!!

The straps began being over her shoulders, but she is a master escape artist, so that did not last long. A five-point restraining system would have been nice, but this worked for long enough, and instead of discussing the potential improvements to said invention, I just wanted to take a moment to share how incredibly helpful this invention actually is, and what a difference it made to my entire BRU experience. YEA for you "safe-sitter invention person"!


Paul Stokes said...

Safe-sitter - that's a great idea. (This blog is nothing if not eclectic.)

Anonymous said...

I saw this for the first time last week when we were in the IKEA store in Philadelphia. I commented to Mary what a great idea it is!