Friday, March 27, 2009

The Herald Celebrates "Diversity"

The Herald this week gave a lot of ink to a play by a local playright, Michael McKeever' Melt. A one-time performance at Guzman Center for the Performing Arts was attended by students and their parents. The play purports to be about the melting-pot of cultures in Miami-Dade:

McKeever's Miamians span South Florida's myriad cultures: a Cuban-American seamstress who was a Pedro Pan child and her son, a slick operator who works in real estate; an older Jewish man, whose wife left him, and his son, a gay high school teacher who wants to adopt a child; the teacher's partner, a black nurse who is unsure about fatherhood; and the nurse's sister, a lawyer and activist who wants to stop real estate developers from displacing lower-income Miamians.

That's it? That's Miami? I've only lived here 63 years, less a few years away at college and law school, and this is not what I see. But beyond that, it amazes me to read that the Miami Chamber of Commerce helped sponsor this event, where, if the description I have quoted is accurate, business people are described as "slick" or predatory; the only marriage featured is a broken one, the only family a single mom, the only professionals, community "activists," the only intact adult relationship, homosexual, and the only reference to fatherhood, a tentative and exceedingly doubtful one.

Beyond the C of C, what were the parents thinking who took their children to see this thing?

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