Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday evening I was caught in rush hour traffic, going south on US 1 and heading for the board meeting of the local Youth for Christ organization. The south part of the county is the more prosperous half, and the automobiles are mostly late model and many are expensive. I saw a number of Obama stickers on these cars.

I pulled up at a traffic light behind a car with an Obama sticker, and I saw, hanging from the rear view mirror, a Rosary. What in the world did that mean? Is the professional looking driver a Christian? A Roman Catholic? Or are those beads some sort of superstitious trinket, hanging there to ward off accidents and traffic tickets? Maybe the driver really struggled with Obama's views on abortion, on the one hand, and the less lethal and more promising aspects of his candidacy, on the other, but gave in.

With regard to human life itself, "change" with our new Administration meant, within hours after the inauguration, reversing the previous administration's pro-life policies. Putting aside the disastrous budget decisions that the new President and Congress have made so far, shall we focus for a moment on how many unborn babies have been killed since he began?


Ben Ostrowsky said...

I just saw a car leaving the Roman Catholic church in downtown Decatur, GA with a bumper sticker along the lines of "Oh, it's okay, I wasn't using my civil rights anyway." So there are some Roman Catholics who would preserve our rights to act in ways they consider sinful. I can work in harmony with someone of any or no religion so long as they support my right to burn in Gehenna or what-have-you.

Paul Stokes said...

Go for it, Ben!

But, seriously, you are begging the question of whether anyone has the civil right to take a human life, born or recently born, and, if so, under what circumstances.