Monday, March 30, 2009

Yellow Tababouia Tree and Orchid

On the left is the Yellow Tababouia tree to the west of our house. It is about a week after the blooms burst forth; just a few days after it's prime, and you can see the blooms on the ground. It's spectacular, though, even past its peak.

I took a close-up shot of a bunch of blooms still on the tree.

To the right of the Tababouia Tree, you can see the Sea Grape Tree that is outside our dining room window. Last year I put a little orchid in the the crook of its trunk, after it had bloomed in the reception room of our office, and it was blooming again last weekend. It's really hard to grow these things here. It takes a lot of effort to wedge the plastic pot in the tree and tape it there with clear masking tape until the roots grow out of the pot and grasp the trunk. But someone has to do it, and that, of course, would be me.

1 comment:

Macon said...

It takes a brave man to tape an orchid to a tree.

It takes an even braver man to mock him.

Dude. Seriously.