Tuesday, April 14, 2009

[Catchy Title Goes Here]


Macon said...

I don't think that you really need a title. the images speak for themselves.

And they say, "Beets!"

Walter said...

Not sure what to do now that we've got these little girls, because I can't easily lock those up in a cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Possible title (verbose though it is)

"From Party Clown and Burger King Lady to Gov. of California".


Paul Stokes said...

I declare Ken the winner.

"Burger King Lady" refers to a song that Walter composed and performed early in this decade. Although his renditions pre-dated YouTube, "Burger King Lady," composed and performed by Walter Stokes, were exactly what YouTube was invented for.

Walter . . . we're waiting. (It's www.youtube.com.)

Sean Meade said...

Walter is a beast!