Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama and the Pirates

This is a pop quiz, not an exam, not a mid-term, and certainly not a final. One hopes he passes with flying colors.

UPDATE: Flying colors it is!

FURTHER UPDATE: Maybe not quite so flying. The WSJ reported today (4/13) that when Capt. Phillips jumped out of the lifeboat a couple of days ago and managed to swim away, the Navy did not yet have authorization to use force. The pirates shot at the captain and recaptured him. The Navy should already have had the authorization. There may have been an opportunity missed, then, to intervene at that point and save the captain. It turned out well, but the credit due the President seems compromised.

See, also, this from Glenn Reynolds.


Macon said...

an apt metaphor

Paul Stokes said...

Maybe not so apt. See my further update.