Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healthy Journey Day Nine

Instead of the plain yogurt yesterday morning with my oatmeal, I had half a 6 oz. cup of another flavored, soy yogurt, this one the All Natural So Delicious Dairy Free Cream Cultured Soy Vanilla. For flavor, it has "organic evaporated cane juice, chicory root extract (inulin), pectin, dextrose, natural flavors . . . citric acid" I'm no sure what all of that means, and I need to find out. I will go to the plain, soy yogurt when we finish off the flavored cups we bought Saturday. With the oatmeal and yogurt I had a half cup of frozen Publix Blueberries "Healthy, Fun & Firm."

For lunch, I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich (hearkening back to my cousin Ken's favorite lunch when we were kids) on whole wheat; a serving of Progresso Vegetable Classics 99% Fat Free Lentil Soup; baby raw carrots; and an apple. The peanut butter was Jiffy Crunchy, and I know people get exercised about commercial peanut butter. It's something I will find out about.

I taught a class at the UM Law School from 5 to 7:45 last night and took a hummus sandwich to eat at the break. It was also on whole wheat bread and had lettuce and tomato with it. When I got home, I microwaved a bag of Act II 94% Fat Free Butter popcorn and had a frozen banana. Yes, the popcorn had some "dairy." I'm not counting it right now.


mary said...

You can prepare the microwave popcorn a la vegan like this: 1/4 cup of kernels in a brown paper lunch bag; fold top over a few times; microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes depending on microwave, being careful to stop before kernel popping slows down too much or it will burn. It may take a few tries to find the perfect time on your microwave (and as I'd mentioned before, I save the unpopped kernels for the next time around). Sprinkle on a little salt and enjoy.

Thanks, Alton Brown: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/plain-brown-popper-recipe/index.html
(I don't find the olive oil or staples necessary, though I'm sure you could add those if you wanted.)

Anonymous said...

About that peanut butter & banana sandwich (of which I am still considered, by some, as an expert)... did you put mayonaise on the second slice of bread? Must be done for accurate preparation.

I do not eat them as regularly as I did in my yout' but I do enjoy them as an occasional treat!


Paul Stokes said...

I never knew the about the mayo! (I am using the short form "mayo" because I don't know how to spell it either.) We put mayo on hot dogs at our house, as you may remember, a fact that astonished my wife and which it was good for me to have withheld from her until after she married me. (As well as a few other things.) But I never heard of putting mayo on a peanut butter and banana sandwich. How did I miss that? I won't be trying mayo on my PB&B, however, because it has animal-based protein in it. I am moving away from that sort of thing in my diet, replacing one kind of weirdness with another. But I am going to Austin today, where they have bumper stickers enjoining "Keep Austin Weird," so I'll fiit right in.