Monday, January 10, 2011

BCS' Sell-out to Cable

The BCS championship game is tonight, but, like all of the major bowl games with one exception, it is on cable. I suppose this is the future - or at least the immediate future. That future will go on without Carol and me.

We are fighting back with Roku, by the way. I like its approach, because it is a libertarian alternative to the cable idea. The cable idea is that a viewer must subsidize the cable company's choice of viewing alternatives.

The Roku choices are slim presently, but there will be more. There is no cost to have choices on Roku, except the initial cost for the small unit that sits next to one's TV. Beyond that, there is only a cost if you make a choice, although even some choices are free right now.

And, as to college football, maybe we will simply go the Cane's games. What a concept.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised in this economy that some arrogant(ignorant?) folks made the decision to not show the game on free TV. The sponsors will not be able to show me their beer, cars or burger ads and who loses there ? It's like raising the gas prices and then wondering why people aren't driving as much--DUH ! Local governments are just as stupid trying to make up their tax losses with higher registration fees and cigarette taxes.