Friday, January 21, 2011

Bob Haworth's Daughter, Amanda, Killed in the Line of Duty

Amanda was one of two Miami-Dade police detectives gunned-down yesterday by a violent career criminal wanted for murder.

Her dad, Bob Haworth, was Walter's little-league baseball coach [and Mary's too, see her comment] and a super guy [see Carol's comment].

More on Amanda and her family here.

Carol pointed out to me that Herald Columnist James Burnett's comments are worth reading.


mary said...

Mr. Haworth was my softball coach, too; I was good friends in elementary school with Kristin, Amanda's step sister.

It's terribly sad.

Carol said...

I was thinking that he was also your coach, Mary, and thinking of Kristin. Dad and I played on several church softball teams where we played against the team from the Lutheran church. The Lutheran team was generally headed up by Bob Haworth. Not only were they always an excellent team, but under his leadership they always displayed good sportsmanship.