Saturday, January 01, 2011

No Rose Bowl for you TV Antenna Peons

Of the five bowl games on television today, a viewer who depended on traditional broadcast had only the Outback Bowl to watch and no other. (It was a pretty good game, as Florida beat Penn State.) The other games were on cable, the Capital One Bowl (Michigan State vs. Alabama), the Gator Bowl (Michigan vs. Mississippi State), the Rose Bowl (TCU vs. Wisconsin) and the Fiesta Bowl (Oklahoma vs. Connecticut). All five of the games were controlled by Disney, as ABC carried the Outback Bowl and the others were on one of the ESPN cable networks. The Mouse owns all those networks (or maybe he's a Rat after all.)

I suppose one could access the cable games via the internet. But the quality of the internet broadcasts that I have seen are not yet up to the viewing standards of those via broadcast or cable.

On the other hand, think of the time this circumstance released for so many people today!

UPDATE: No Orange Bowl game either.


Doug said...

Seems to me that the Bowl Games are all about money, and who can pocket the biggest slice of it. It is hard to believe that they would be allowed to hijack something as "american pie" as Bowl Games on New Years Day and hold hostage anyone who chooses not to subscribe to a cable company for service. Just another example of big money doing what they want and shoving it down America's throat.

Paul Stokes said...

You are right, Doug! I can remember New Years Day growing up being a feast of football games. I think we started off with the Cotton Bowl in the early afternoon, after a couple of parades, then to the Sugar Bowl, then to Rose Bowl, and finally to the Orange Bowl. My head was spinning by the time I collapsed in bed.