Thursday, June 09, 2011

Alpha has a New Look

Maybe this is old news to most everyone else, but it is new news to me.

Alpha's Regional Director, Florida South, Mike Fernandez, came by to see me yesterday and brought me up to date. Alpha has produced a fresh new set of videos for its church program and has introduced versions for college and other use.

We have some new, baby Christians at FPC Miami Springs. An Alpha course this fall sounds like just what we need.

(New, baby Christians often have more non-Christians in their immediate circle than us old hands: another reason for an Alpha course.)

(I made a pitch to Mike, who lives in Orlando with his wonderful family, to do parish ministry here Miami-Dade, his home town. I am shameless.)


Sean Meade said...

i taught Alpha a couple of times in Tulsa (took their material and personalized it instead of using the videos) a couple of times in Tulsa and it was a positive experience. had a good team (key, especially for dinners!). and you're absolutely right about nonXian friends.

Paul Stokes said...

I'm impressed you stepped away from the videos.

Sean Meade said...

1. love to teach that much

2. probably thought i had some important things to add ;-)

Paul Stokes said...

1 + 2 = gifted/called