Thursday, June 09, 2011

Weiner Schadenfreude

There is hardly a congruency between libertarians and their right-wing cousins, on the one hand, and Christianity, on the other. The delight in which many in the anti-Democrat portion of the media take in the situation of Anthony Weiner reminds me of this once again.

If we must think about this "scandal," and it appears that we must, what really is the issue presented by Congressman Weiner and Huma Abedin? In my view, it is about marriage and the nearly impossible way in which they seem to have begun that relationship. Both of them have jobs that make profound, burn-out level demands on each of them as individuals. As a married couple, the demands are impossible. What, exactly, were they thinking? Was this marriage simply a career move for both of them? Is their marriage simply a failing clone of the Clinton model? Or were they looking for something more personal and real. If the latter (and I would grant them the presumption that they were looking for something more than personal advancement), I have to say that I pity them and need to pray for them.

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