Sunday, June 05, 2011

The PC(USA) Lectionary Resource

The website for the General Assembly Mission Council of the PC(USA) has a helpful lectionary section.

In my Southern Baptist upbringing, we had "daily Bible readings," and the Sunday School Board published booklets for home or personal use. Chief among these were the "quarterlies" issued to each active Sunday School member, young or old, and those publications were "graded" for each age group. The booklets would have our weekly Sunday School lessons for the calendar quarter and scripture to read each day. The SBC was a powerhouse of Christian Eduction then, and probably still is. What a blessing it was to me and my family. So we Baptists had lectionary resources.

However, I don't remember bumping into the word "lectionary" until college, when I began singing in the choir at St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Durham.

The PC(USA) lectionary section is worth exploring, especially the Frequently Asked Questions page, if the idea of church-wide lectionaries is an unfamiliar one.

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