Thursday, October 06, 2011

Japanese Commuters Moving to Bicycles

I like the "high-end park-and-shower" facilities that are helping this trend. (Thanks for the link, Instapundit.)

(Maybe Austin is a place to introduce a business like this.)

Years ago, I seriously considered this option. The shower problem and the sheer danger discouraged commuting downtown, but I did bike to the Metro-Rail station for years.

Think about how transformative a significant adoption by Americans of plant-based diets and greater bicycle use would be.


Unknown said...

Secure bike storage is a big issue as well. Most office buildings don't allow bicycles in the lobbies. You have to park it out front and hope it doesn't get stolen, or bring it through the loading dock and up to your office in the cargo elevator.

Paul Stokes said...

Metro-Rail has bicycle lockers at its stations, and that greatly facilitated my commute. But to go directly downtown was/is really out of the question,for reasons that include the storage problem Marcus highlights.