Monday, October 03, 2011


The WSJ reports this morning that a "Senate Panel found that the U.S.'s three largest home-health companies tailored the care they provided to Medicare patients to maximize their reimbursements."

What till you see what the "largest" medical service delivery companies/insurers, etc., will do with ObamaCare.

At the risk of resurrecting a tired old slogan, why don't we think about restoring power to the people to make their medical decisions. And then letting people bear the consequences of those decisions, so that it is a real decision and not make believe.


Carol said...

On a similar note, we have a friend who knows we are on a vegan diet, and who has never expressed any interest in such a diet for herself. Yesterday she gave me a brochure which her husband had received from his municipal employer with his most recent paycheck. The flyer was about World Vegetarian Day which was Oct. 1, and it encouraged people to consider switching to a vegetarian diet, whether for a day or a longer period of time. It went on to list the many benefits of such a diet - improving one's health, reducing one's health care costs, reducing worldwide land use and deforestation caused by the large amount of land required to raise livestock, reducing carbon emissions contributing to global warming, etc. She seemed surprised that the city would have included this pitch for a vegetarian diet with the paychecks. I said they did it because they're hoping to reduce the costs of the healthcare they provide - that the employees will be more healthy on a vegetarian diet. That idea did not seem to have occurred to her.

Carol said...

I actually meant to leave this comment on the post below, but I suppose it also fits here.