Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Theology that Conquered the American Wilderness

[Solomon] Stoddard [Jonathan Edwards' grandfather] put the case for an absolute divinity who chooses one man rather than another solely because He pleases, and who still would be a God of mercy "if it had pleased him never to have exercised any."

-from Perry Miller's Jonathan Edwards, which I read in college and which I am reading again.


Sean Meade said...

Edwards is one of Tim Keller's main influences. ergo, i need to learn more about Edwards ;-)

checking to see if our library has this book...

Paul Stokes said...

I do not know whether Perry Miller was a Christian. Some of Keller's books have pretty good footnotes and other references. You might pick up a cite or two there, as far as getting into Edwards. However, I do like Miller's book.