Saturday, October 15, 2011

"The 'Monumental Stupidity' of Alternative Medicine"

You mean Steve Jobs didn't have to die?

When I was being treated for NHL, I learned of a missionary home on leave with the same diagnosis. A contemporary. I went for CHOP (the standard chemo at the time - monoclonal antibodies were just in the experimental stage) and prayer. He went for "macrobiotics" and prayer. He died. I lived.

Just correlations maybe. His NHL may have been far worse than mine from the outset.


(I do remember absolutely despising the way the prednizone made me feel. Prednizone is the "P" in CHOP. A lovely woman in my support group suffered heart damage from the chemo. People died in the group - half of them, which was about what the 5 year survival rate was then.)

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