Friday, March 30, 2012

Lookin' Good! (UPDATED)

Joe Biden
I'm pretty sure the Veep got his teeth capped.  I had a client who had his fixed at something like $1,000 a tooth.  It looked really good.  He was in his low eighties.  He died his hair black and was tan and looked fit.  He was a character.  He encouraged me to get it done as well.  I didn't.  What's wrong with a snaggle tooth?  My dad had one.  What else has the Veep done to himself?  He looks just great.  I understand he is looking at running again in 2016. As to his interior, well . . .

UPDATE:  Joe Biden's smile, as I now see, is old news.  Google "Biden Cosmetic Dentistry" and you get things like this.

What do we do when older people won't look or act reasonably for their age?  (I know I am pushing against the tide here.  Note, however, my careful use of the word "reasonably."  I think it is reasonable to take scrupulous care of your body.  That will have an affect on one's looks.  Cf. 1 Cor. 6:19)   One thing we do is tell jokes about them (about us?).

Marvin Olasky has a funny story about the self-deception that sometimes characterizes one not acting his age in a reasonable way:

Before the current newspaper depression, editors were often well-paid. One editor, about to retire, confided to a friend, "I'm 70 years old, never married, and have $2 million saved up. I'm madly in love with a 30-year-old. Do you think I'd have a better chance of marrying her if I told her I'm only 60?" His friend replied, "Frankly, you would have a better chance if you told her you're 90." 

-from the April 7, 2012 issue of World Magazine.

That sort of self-deception works both ways.  Years ago I had a wealthy friend in his eighties, a widower with no children but with a 30 year old girl friend.  She looked miserable to me whenever I saw them together.  He died and left everything to charity in the name of his deceased wife.  He left the girl friend nothing.

No self-deception, however, for these beautiful women.

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