Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tebow to the Jets!

What was I thinking?  Of course Tebow would choose the Big Apple!  Not for the money, but for the stage.  Is it over the top to say, "Jesus to Jerusalem, Paul to Rome and Tebow to NY?"  Probably.  But good on you, Tim.

"I can't imagine a more unlikely fit for Tim Tebow than the New York Jets, just given what we know about the culture of that team. It seems to me, and a lot of outside observers, a team that has a pretty broken culture - at least a messy culture," said Patton Dodd, the executive editor of, a website designed for dialogue on religion and spirituality, and author of the ebook, "The Tebow Mystique."

"(But) in some ways, it's sort of ideal for him," Dodd added. "Even though it doesn't seem like a likely fit, if he's serious about what he believes, this is the kind of place that he ought to, to use Christian language, feel called to."

-from "New York Sure to Test Tebow, On and Off the Field," by Nancy Armour, AP National Writer.

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