Thursday, June 14, 2012

Geeks Strike Back: Replacing the Battery of my iPhone

The battery of my iPhone - I think it is a 3g or a 3gs (I'll have to check) - is running down.  The easy thing to do is to go to the ATT store and buy a new one under our plan.  I share that plan with Carol and Mary, and I think that at least one of us has had our phone long enough that he or she is in a position to get the "deal."  I have this uneasy sense, however, that it is ATT and Apple who are getting the "deal" and not us.

The contrarian in me, asks, "So why not get a new battery?" offers a solution.

I've been reading the biography of Steve Jobs (which I heartily recommend) and am at the place where he and his team are developing the Macintosh.  Part of Jobs' approach was to attempt to keep hobbyists, geeks, and other intrusive people out of the innards of his machine.  He designed the box so that it took special tools to open it, and his team developed those special tools so they would not be generally available.  As the video at the website appears to show, Jobs' approach continues .  .  .  and can be worked-around, if one is a hobbyist, a geek, or simply cheap.

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