Sunday, June 17, 2012

Legal Education Takes a Shot

Legal education is a broken, failed, even corrupt enterprise. It exalts and enriches law professors at the expense of lawyers, the legal profession, and most of all the students whose tuition dollars finance the entire scheme. With hard numbers and piercing insights, Brian Z. Tamanaha tells the disturbing, scandalous truth. His book is essential reading for anyone who is even contemplating law school, much less committing to a career in law teaching. With any luck, his book will inspire law professors and law school deans who have no other career options to subject themselves to the deepest levels of ethical introspection, the better to lead legal education back into the service of its true stakeholders.

 James Chen, dean, University of Louisville, in a review of the new book by Brian Z. Tamanaha, Failing Law Schools, on the Amazon website.  h/t Glenn Reynolds here.

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