Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lindsay Harris Crawford goes way back in Sewell Family lore. She went to High School with Kellsey, was a bridesmaid in our wedding, is a fellow X-Files, ALIAS & LOST fan, and introduced us to the pop-television love/satire site Television Without Pity (where we first learned the term "snark"). She also makes an appearance in the comments of this fair blog, though she tells us she lurks more often than she comments.

"Yeah, but," you may ask, "what has she done for us lately?"

Well, actually, on her family's brand new blog, Crawford House, our humble blog takes top billing in the blogroll. (A snarky kind of person might note that there are only two blogs in the blogroll. I mention this because, lacking folks who make snarky comments here at Kith&Kin, you might never have noticed.)

Welcome to the blogosphere, Crawfords! Might I suggest linking to, or creating your own Handy HTML sheet? It's helped the more bloggoreticent around here to include links and pictures in their posts.

Let the deuling baby pictures begin.

And speaking of lurkers, please don't be shy! Stokes Kith & Kin are really nice people, even if we voice our opinions, well, vociferiously. (I'm especially talking to you, Jud & Joel.)

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