Saturday, March 26, 2005

Military Blogs

Amy Weber, one of my staff, has a brother, Ben, who shipped off last month to Iraq with the Marines. He is one of the only folks over there trained to drive one of the brand new Cougar Hardened Engineer Vehicles (totally cool pictures and flash videos here).

Of course, his mother worries about him. A mother's worries, though, would only be exacerbated if the only information she had about current events in Iraq came through the MainStream Media (MSM). Thankfully, the MSM isn't the only game in town with information on what's happening in Iraq. In fact, there's a whole lot happening over there that's actually good news. So, for the sake of Amy's mom, here are a few Military Blogs that will probably have other, more constructive, news on what's happening in Iraq. (These are listed in the order of their ranking as "Best Military Blogs for 2004".) Of course, there is sad news to report as well, and both the good and the sad appear in these blogs. But the news is more balanced and more personal than what one gets in the MSM.


Citizen Smash

Froggy Ruminations


2Slick's Forum

Blogs of War

Marine Corps Moms

Also, if you missed it, a Private in a British Army convoy was awarded the Victoria Cross last week. As reported in the Guardian:
A young soldier has been awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour, for bravery under fire in some of the fiercest, and largely unreported, engagements between British forces and insurgents in south-eastern Iraq.

Private Johnson Beharry, 25, is the first soldier to receive the VC since the Falklands war in 1982 and the first living recipient since 1969, when two Australians were given the award for action in Vietnam.
I was reading some of the military blogs today and discovered that it's standard US Military practice that, when encountering an ambush, they continune to drive forward and fight into the ambush, rather than stop, back up and often get tangled up in their own convoy.

K&K readers are encouraged to pray for Ben and his safety in Iraq!

UPDATE: Because Ben is a Marine! And don't you forget it!

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