Sunday, March 27, 2005

Put down those kettlebells and join me for a jog.

I have just signed up for the 2006 Miami Tropical Marathon next January and would love to have some company for the run, even if just for the first half. I'm planning on doing the Galloway plan, so there should be plenty of time and air to enjoy the views of Biscayne Bay along the way. Free lodging and a delicious pre-race dinner will be available at the Stokes home for all who care to join the festivities.

For those interested in my progress so far, I am currently running at 4/1 intervals at an easy 10 min./mile pace. I made my longest run in recent days, about 7 miles (70 minutes), on Thursday in Austin around town lake (I'm not in this picture, it's just for reference).

Now it's back to the hilly roads of Winston-Salem. I will update you as events warrant.

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