Saturday, March 12, 2005

There and Back Again

Well, it's quite a spectacle, this new Whole Foods Market. The IKEA of grocery stores, if you will. I'm not sure of the IKEA stores you've been to, but Epcot Center could fit inside Houston's IKEA. (the world's biggest IKEA, by the way)

To be clear, it's four stories of subterranean parking garage. The grocery store is one story. (There are corporate offices in the levels above the store.)

It was fun to walk around, accept my complementary bottle of sparkling cider, and consider the crab-stuffed calimari. Knowing when to say when, I bypassed the wine tasting bar and the beer tasting bar. XsteadfastX

I purchased a slice of pepperoni pizza; Morgan, a slice of vegetarian with pesto sauce. I drank sparkling blueberry juice; Morgan, orangina.

It was crowded, for sure.

I intend to go back in some Tuesday night, after SXSW, at around 9:30 and see how it is that someone might buy groceries from this place. I'm not sure that I saw anyone buying groceries.

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