Thursday, October 27, 2005

News from the Wilma Front. Still no power at home, but we did hear a transformer blow up last night, which means that FPL was testing the local grid. And we saw two big FPL trucks rumble through our neigborhood yesterday evening as well. We had very cold water showers last night. You could hear our screams for blocks. On the other hand, the weather is beautiful.

We have land-line telephone service, and never lost it. I figured how to run the dsl modem and the Apple Airport off the Radio Shack lead-acid battery I have, so I was able to get on the internet from home with my laptop on battery mode. (I bring the laptop to the office to get charged.)

When I awakened this morning, still in darkness, I walked around outside to see if anyone had lights on: no one.

MetroRail is supposed to be on a 30 minute schedule, but we decided to car-pool again this morning. There was probably twice the traffic than yesterday, but it is still relatively light.

We had supper with the Lahmeyers last night, which was fun.

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